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Adizero is a line of athletic footwear, including cleats, manufactured by Adidas. These cleats are specifically designed for various sports, including Rugby, soccer, American football, baseball, and track and field.

Adizero cleats are known for their lightweight construction and advanced technologies aimed at enhancing performance. The name “Adizero” itself is derived from the combination of “adi,” representing Adidas, and “zero,” emphasizing the lightweight nature of the cleats.

The specific features and technologies incorporated into Adizero cleats can vary depending on the sport for which they are designed. Some common features include:

Lightweight Construction: Adizero cleats utilize lightweight materials to reduce the overall weight of the shoe, allowing for increased speed and agility.

Sprintframe: This technology involves a lightweight and supportive chassis that provides stability and helps maintain traction during quick movements.

Sprintskin: Found in football and soccer cleats, Sprintskin is a synthetic upper material that offers a combination of lightweight feel and support.


Boost Technology: Certain Adizero models incorporate Adidas’ Boost cushioning technology, which provides responsive and energy-returning properties to enhance comfort and performance.


Cleat Configuration: The configuration and pattern of the cleats on the outsole vary depending on the sport. They are strategically positioned to provide optimal traction, grip, and maneuverability on different playing surfaces.


Adizero Cleats are some of the most popular cleats in both professional & club rugby. Their versatility for athleticism & stability allows for a popular draw in many positions in rugby.

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