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ProPadz Rugby Protection Vest


The first non-foam padding ever approved by World Rugby.

The brand new ProPadz rugby vest comes with 7 removable gel pads so you can only pad up where you need to.

Do you tape your shoulder up before every game or practice? This will solve that issue in a fraction of the time.

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– Adult Protection Vest
– Module Panel System Player can apply pads as required
– Easy and convenient to assemble – a fraction of the time of taping pads or using other padding devices
– Acromioclavical, Clavical, SternoClavical & Sternum targeted panels
– Covers only the parts required to avoid overheating
– Comfortable fit – Elasticated Band Secures vest to the body
– Panel Secure Fasteners secures pads on the panels – ensures minimal movement of the panels or pads during usage
– Unique Pad system Unique pad design enables body heat release during use, lowering body heat during usage to improve performance and extend use
– 10mm compliance with regulations 12
– Easy and convenient to maintain – Washable Fabric & Pads Player can wash as required
– Can combine compression and heat/cold therapies to optimise rehabilitation
– Colour: Black
– Style code: PROPADZ1

Size Chart

Small: 36-38 Inches

Medium: 39-41 Inches

Large: 42-44 Inches

Xtra Large: 44-46 Inches

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S, M, L, XL


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