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Pugby the Pug: Discovers Rugby

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Pugby the Pug is searching for a sport he can have fun playing! But what sport will match him best? His little legs may not be long enough for running, and his belly may not be floaty enough for swimming. Pugby never loses his positivity, but he does start to wonder if maybe there isn’t a sport he’ll have fun playing… until he discovers rugby!

Have you ever played rugby? Have you ever wanted to? As Pugby is introduced to the sport, he learns all about the different positions on the team, and how each one is a good fit for a different kind of animal. Pugby also learns that the most important part of rugby is working together as a team-and having fun!

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About the Author

Aaron Howes has been playing rugby for almost three decades. Most of his social network has been cultivated on the rugby pitch; it’s even how he met his wife! Aaron has had the privilege of sharing his home with three pugs over the years. The pugs have been an extension of himself and what he enjoys in life. One day as he was taking his dog for a walk, he imagined how great the little dog would be on the rugby pitch-and the idea for Pugby the Pug was born!

Aaron lives in Maple, Ontario, with his wife and two sons. They share their home with a cat and a dog-can you guess what kind?

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